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1. Plenary reports

Диагностика плазменно-пылевых структур – эксперименты в лаборатории и на борту МКС Systems to visualize gas dynamics fields of dimensions of up to 1000 mm using holagram optical elements Intracellular autowave hydrodynamics and molecular motors Doppler droplet/bubble mean diameter sizing method The Doppler diagnostics of interface dynamics in gas-liquid flows Световолоконный лазерный доплеровский виброметр (особенности построения и результаты экспериментальных исследований) Laser doppler vibrometer optimization Modelling of maximum likelihood estimates algorithms of the laser doppler systems frequency at finite number of counts Diagnostics of vortex structures in turbulent flows by PIV Investigation of swirling flame dynamics via Particle Image Velocimetry Тomographic PIV measurements in a volume of a jet flow Application of research work for PDV piston shock tube Application of PIV for flow investigation in supersonic wind tunnels PIV-diagnostics of vortex flow in model of the combustion chamber Combined particle image velocimetry and gradient heat flux measurements for a flow past a heated isothermal surface Демонстрационная система для исследования полей скоростей потоков жидкостей методом PIV(particle image velocimetry) Vizualization of fluid flow film by particle image velocimetry Analysis of interferometric methods for the case of “weak” optical inhomogeneity with small transerverse dimentions Systematic error elimination by correction of variable interferometer aberrations Errors analysis of interference rotation sensor Рефрактометрические измерения процесса диффузии: корреляционный фоновый метод и голографическая интерферометрия с нестационарной опорной волной Систематические и статистические ошибки корреляционных измерений Refraction tomography of optically inhomogeneous media based on structured laser beams refractograms The simulation of gradient media shadow images in condition of essential refraction Investigation of physical processes in liquid by laser refractography Optical method for determining density and concentration of salts solutions using liquid of multi prism Metrological investigation of light polarization measurement Luminescent methods of surface flow investigation Thermography analysis of turbulent pulsations in non-isothermal mixing flow Visualization of the gas flow in the nozzle with the help of thermal imaging equipment Determination of the distribution of fuel in a with a thermovision system on the absorption of radiation Experimental and numerical visualization of a 3d flow following the shock wave exiting from a rectangular channel Method of influence on nonstationary thermal vortices Processes visualization of gas transfer in peripheral area of colliding surface discharge Interaction of numerical and experimental visualization at investigation of discharge properties by means of shock wave configurations analysis Visualizing the structure of the gas stream softening valve The temperature measurements possibility by the thermal imager "VS-Fast" in gasdynamic experiments The study of shear-sensitive liquid crystals dopped by SiO2 particles Visualization of the dynamics of the wave pattern of interaction of supersonic jet obstacle Application of particle tracing velocimetry algorithms for diagnostic of three dimensional velocity distribution of dispersed flow Analysis of the measurement method of fast-variable deformations of solid bodies Of the optimum nonlinear filtration algorithm for LDV-signal Particle pairing algorithm based on mathematical threatment of many particles tasks Solution for the inverse problem of the spectral extinction measurement techniqes by the reduction to Fourier integral: limitations and ambiguties Wavelet analysis of background oriented schlieren method images Study of ways to obtain maximum likelihood estimates of laser Doppler anemometer signal frequency Determination of decrement of damped oscillations by consequent truncation of the Fourier transform Droplet size measurement for initial condensation in a model turbine Method for determining the equivalent microphysical cross-section of polydisperse particles in the low layer dust Characteristics of different optical methods for drop size measurements in two-phase flows Modeling aerodisperse flows with given particle size spectrum Multi-wavelength laser sensing aerodisperse flows the integral method Aggregates of complex shape decomposition Диагностика параметров спрея лазерным интерференционным методом на примере стационарных стеклянных сферических частиц Optical recording of dispersed particles motion parameters in the pipeline Pequliarities of light scattering by quartz crystal Optical method of rapid diagnostic of engineering devices spraying of fuel Optical diagnostics of the Rayleigh–Benard structures at convection in the horizontal layer of liquid Laboratory and flight tests of IPCT method Optical methods for investigation of erythrocyte dynamics and deformation in flow conditions Optical diagnostics of complementary vortical rings induced in air by an impulse of pressure on a hole Optical method for gas-liquid flows diagnostics Turbulent boundary layer diagnostics by means of particle image velocimetry and particle tracking velocimetry Особенности обтекания винта в канале Исследования концевого вихря и вихревого следа за крыловым профилем The integrated gas circulation research around wing with rotary-type slat in a subsonic flow High-speed imaging and velocity field measurement about cavitating plate with rounded nose and NACA0015 hydrofoil Application of high-speed photography for velocity measurement of fluid jet at needleless injection Flame study in a model of mesoscale combustion chamber Biomedical application of various techniques for visualization of laser effect on transparent biomaterials Investigation of the influence of the quality of soils in the development of plants with the help of the method of IR-spectroscopy Experimental testing of algorithms for tracking particles movement Features polarization analysis of intact cells abstract Study of gas flow in a flat nozzle optical methods CARS diagnostics of decane with admixed nanoparticles of Al Laser excitation of giga- and terahertz range acoustic vibrations in nanoparticles suspensions Optical methods for measuring the interaction potential between macroparticles in a gas discharge plasma Self rotation of dust particles in the plasma flow in a magnetic field Effect of nonuniform magnetic field on the motion of probe particles in glow discharge Visualization of water droplet crystallization by FTIR of wide collimated laser beam Investigation of hydrodynamics and mixing processes in microchannel devices by means of micro-PIV and micro-LIF techniques Restoration of submicron evaporating droplets initial parameters Research the polarization characteristics of 3D-interferometer Computer modeling of laser beams dynamics in optical inhomogeneous mediums 50 years inverse problems of refractometry for turbulent flows diagnostics Optical methods of flow dynamics researches of FE2O3 nanoparticles solution A scientific installation for measuring of angular spectral reflection and transmission coefficients The definition of the polarizationdegree of laser diodes radiationin the measuring systems with non stop work regime Algorithm of modelling refractograms of structured laser beams Diffraction images of the phase objects in the structured laser radiation Definition of quality glass wedges of background oriented schlieren method Optical and infrared methods of studying view map Leidenfrost effect Refraction of a plane laser beam in diffusive layer of water with glycerol Quasi two-stream approximation in the solution of the radiative transfer equation for the calculation of the light fields in turbid media Second harmonic generation in powdered strontium barium niobate crystals Optical characteristics of ceramic and crystal planar waveguides