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1. Plenary reports

Construction and processing of numerical simulation results on the basis of parallel solutions for optimizing and parametric studies in cfd Thermographic visualization of heat flow in the facial area with the purpose of the analysis of the psychophysical condition of the person. Peculiarities of application of PIV methods within the modeling of thermal-dynamic processes at nuclear power plants. PIV method application for study of the effect of a non-stationary electric field on diffusion combustion of gaseous hydrocarbons. Differential method of measurement of fast-variable deformations of solid bodies by laser set-up of the measurement of dynamic deformations. About the principal opportunity of measurement local acoustic pressure in liquid using LDA interference scheme. Investigation of the mechanisms of spray generation induced by wind-wave interaction using shadow technique. Comparison of drop size measurements in sprays nozzle obtained with SHADOWGRAPHY AND PDPA techniques. Assessment of the turbulence influence on results obtained by BOS-method. High-speed recording of the blast waves created by the pulsed discharge. Visualization of convective structures and of crystallization wave in the horizontal water layer. Physical processes at the interphase border in the crystallization of the metastable liquid. А separation flow on the sports paddle. Ignition and stabilization by the optical discharge of homogeneous burning in high-speed jet Real time blood flow imaging via spectral filtering approach Analusys and interpretation of video registration data from experiments with liquid crystals coatings Emission spectrometry distributions of vibrational and rotational temperatures in a low temperature plasma Characterization of the accuracy of laser absorption thermometer of gaseous flows at high temperatures using coherent anti-stokes raman scattering spectroscopy High-speed registration of discharge formation in inductively – coupled plasma Error determination of flexible deformable surface form measurement by image pattern correlation technique Comprehensive investigation of evaporation of liquid droplet from rough substrate by means of laser methods Photothermocapillary diagnostics method of sizes of the high conducting subsurface inclusions in the low conducting material Application of parameters that describe the transforming of a beam to determine the cross sections of nonspherical particles Investigation of characteristics of spiral vortexes in a swirl flow Digital image processing Computer visualization of dynamics of scattering indicatrix Methods of digital processing of signal of homodine laser doppler vibrometer X-ray laser with optical self-pumping with λ ~ 13.4 nm at the 4f 1P1 - 4d 1P1 Ni - like tin transition for industrial nanolithography Laser method of optoelectronic control of the sizes and shape of flying microobjects with their reconstruction by their impulse projective images Incommensurate strucrures in nanodomain crystal Determination of gap in the clouds in day conditions for increasing the performance of satellite laser ranging stations Multifunction opto-electronic complex for diagnostic of the radiation laser diode in free space Using change of average volume – surface diameter particles as the criterion of the excess emissions occurrence Automated control of the laser doide generation mode inclued in the laser measuring system Laser fibre-optical system with digital registration of a signal for air stream turbulent pulsations measurement Account of the vector character the radiation of a laser diode in a free space when introducing to the optical fiber in the inlet of a laser doppler system Depth of field and depth of focus for the tilted lens Мetrological analysis of quasi-monochromatic light polarization measurement on the basis of paramtetric information theory Measuring installation for carrying out rapid analysis of the laser diode radiation modal structure Theory the generation of second harmonic photoacoustic signal of the bilayer optical inhomogeneous solids Elimination of distortion in images in the presence of turbulence Temperature dependence of polarization parameters and spectrum of radiation of laser diodes used in laser measurement systems Optical-electronic complex for visualization of forms of a rough surface by means of structured optical radiation Optical electronics complecs of aerodynamics flows diagnostics by correlation methods Simulation of the turbulence influence on optical method Wavelet processing of images Laser image processing method using a Hilbert transform Influence of the distortion of the laser plane on the precision of the anemometry on particle images Visualization of air bubbles in water by particle shadow velocimetry Investigation of the influence lens axis inclination to the camera sensor axis on depth of field Studies of the refraction of the flat optical beam near the heated ball and cylinder Development of the device for processing videoinformation in the real time mode based on the programmable logical integral circuit Definition of degradation degree of single – mode laser diodes, used in laser masuring, by their emission spectrum