9. Applications of optical methods

M.V. Goncharova, S.S. Safonov, R.R. Aslanyan
Mezhdunarodny University of Nature Society and Man "Dubna" branch "Ugresha", Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov Moscow State University

Features polarization analysis of intact cells abstract

Functional changes in the properties of communities associated with changes in structure, and individual structural indicators although reflecting the features of this communication, but by themselves are not sufficient to fully describe it. However, in the particular context of this change affect the physiological state of individual populations in the operation of general habitat with limited food reserves. All this leads to the need to find such a generalized measure that, given the structural characteristics of the community, in this case reflects the features of its physiological state, ie the problem is reduced to obtaining such a function with which the measured or calculated by the structural indicators ¬ community can determine its physiological activity. Application of generalized dimensionless parameters of the structure and function reflects the result of effects on the community of the totality of environmental factors (nutrition security, space, light, etc.), so that their use appears to be more successful than a search for private connections betweenindividual environmental factors and functional performance of the system.
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