9. Applications of optical methods

A.L. Kotelnikov, T.V. Bazhenova, D.I. Baklanov, V.V. Golub, K.V. Ivanov, M.S. Krivokoritov
Joint Institute for High Temperatures of Russian Academy of Sciences

Application of high-speed photography for velocity measurement of fluid jet at needleless injection

It was observed by means of high-speed photography the formation of a jet form the liquid droplet placed on a membrane under the impact of detonation of hydrogen-air mixture in a narrow tube. There were found the conditions, under which the jet velocity achieves the value that enable penetrating the liquid into the epidermis and it was measured the depth of penetration into a model matter. The performed investigations showed that the gas detonation in a capillary can substitute the solid explosive in various devices of droplets acceleration in particular for needleless injection devices.
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