6. Flow visualization

S.V. Vorobyev
Centre Institute of Aviation Motors (CIAM)

Determination of the distribution of fuel in a with a thermovision system on the absorption of radiation

The objective was to study the possibility and development of methods of diagnosis of the fuel system of the bench firing air heater with a thermal imaging system. This paper shows a method of diagnosing and uniformity of the fuel spray nozzles via the absorption of thermal radiation from the
background flow of aerosol source. To register shortwave radiation used thermal imaging system AGA-782, operating in the range of measurement wavelength Δλ = 2,0-5,6 m. The output signal in the form termoizoboazheniya recorded and processed by a computer. The method is based on the
dependence of the absorption of infrared radiation on the number and size distribution of the drops of kerosene, which allows an assessment of the fuel system in line of sight with respect thermal background radiation with supply of kerosene and clean thread.
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