11. Youth workshop. Modern methods of flows investigation - 2013.

V.P. Budak, O.V. Shagalov
National Research University «Moscow Power Engineering Institute»

Quasi two-stream approximation in the solution of the radiative transfer equation for the calculation of the light fields in turbid media

The increase of the precision of modern measuring equipment allows to solve the most actual task of optical remote sensing (ORS) - measurement of gas components of the atmosphere that con-tribute to the greenhouse effect. Existing algorithms for processing satellite data do not meet the capabilities of modern devices ORS - - hyperspectral systems - in terms of accuracy and speed of the calculation, and therefore they need significant modernization. Feature of the proposed solu-tions is using a method that is well-known in the nuclear physics, but doesn’t apply in the radiative transfer problems – method of the synthetic iterations. In this case we have a significant gain in speed due to the possibility of using a simple method of the radiative transfer equation solving in-stead of complex resource-intensive methods, and the accuracy of the angular distribution is not lost due to the use of iteration.
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