8. Optical methods for determining the concentration and particle size

A.P. Tolstopyat, V.V. Davidson, L.A. Fleer, T.A. Ruzova, N.V. Nechukhaeva
Dnepropetrovsk national university, National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine

Optical recording of dispersed particles motion parameters in the pipeline

Method for evaluation dispersed phase velocity is developed. Equipment circuit and software for treating the signal from optoelectronic sensor to evaluate velocities of disperse particles in tuyer channel is designed. We made experimental investigation in evaluating particles velocity in straight pipes at different channel slope angles by program treatment of the signal from optoelectronic sen-sor. Developed equipment circuit and signal processing methods allow to carry out investiga-tion in stream splitter operating efficiency at different constructional features, high velocities without bringing disturbing elements in gas-carrier stream.
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