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1. Plenary reports

Optical diagnostics of upward flows with reconstruction of spatial structure of heat field at thermogravital convection problems History of pressure sensitive paint development Numerical methods verification for flow around objects based on its comparision with laboratory experiments by using visualization methods Measurements of vortex trajectory near wing of model passenger airplane by means of lasers sheet and videogrammetry method Secondary convective structures over discrete heat source in a cylindrical fluid layer Study of the thermal-hydraulic phenomenon at the test fasility “TISEY” using PIV-methods Vortical structures analysis in swirling flame using tomographic PIV Application of time-resolved tomographic PIV technique for the investigation of proceses forming of vortex structure in quasi twodimensional turbulent jet Application of PIV technique for the study of vortex flow structure in wire-wrapped rod bundles Determination of stratified media parameters by caustics registration at refraction of structured laser radiation Ignition and stabilization by the optical discharge of homogeneous burning in high-speed jet Refractometric measurements of diffusion process: background oriented schlieren method and holographic interferometry with nonstationary reference wave Spatio-temporal structure of femtosecond filament and dynamics of filament-induced cavitational bubbles and shock waves Refractometry of the transparent solids in the case of nonuniform heating The possibility of restoring the surface relief of transparent objects by refractive images Optical studies of the dynamics of development of water jet high pressure Study of image formation in phase contrast scheme with adaptive filter on the thermal nonlinearity Visualization of the phase object using a liquid crystal of a nonlinear filter Vizualization of vortex structures by particle image velocimetry Visualization of the gas microflow using femtoseconds impulses Research of three-dimensional wave modes of the film flow by optical methods Validation and error estimation of velocity characteristics measured by PIV/LIF approach in a flow around a cavitating hydrofoil Quantitative measurement in the laminar premixed flame by planar laser-induced fluorescence of OH* Temperature measurements in flame by planar optical techniques Formation of perturbation waves at the initial sector of dispersive-circular stream PIV/PLIF measurements of mixing processes in turbulent flow organized by perspective GT-burner Algorithms of image processing of laser sheet plane which is used in two phase flows investigation Nephelometr modes using hardware correction of the return signal for the problem of determining the lidar ratio on the open trace Distribution law of an angular modulation index assessment of the heterodyne laser doppler vibrometer signal Approximate semi-empirical estimation of friction coefficient for axisymmetric objects Numerical methods verification for flow around objects based on its comparision with laboratory experiments by using visualization methods Several methods of the inverse solution of a light extinction system of equation for the initial condensation in flow Laser sensor for the aerosol flows parameters controlling A perspective of method surface plasmon resonance in applcation to investigations of processes in boundary layer of liquid The reconstruction algorithm of the particles size distribution function by the results of the aerosol flows multi waves laser sensing Accounting for refraction index dispersion in the solution of inverse problem for spectral extinction Application video recording with high spatial and temporal resolution to detect nonmonotonic character of whole blood sedimentation Non-linear dynamic processеs in bicarbonate aqueous systems display similarity with processes of living organisms development Measurement of characteristics of red blood cells deformability by means of laser diffractometry in a shear flow The method of distinguishing between liquid samples by calculation of the initial moments by their infrared spectra Videogrammetric non-contact method of measurements of deformation of the model of helicopter’s blade Stimulated raman scattering in synthetic opal matrices infiltrated with raman-active media Interaction of vortex ring with a torch Geometry and energy parameters part of the beam of the laser diode with an extremely diffraction divergence Vortex interaction engineering structures The optical method of transparent ice layer thikness measurument, based on total internal reflection Spectrozonal photography of propane diffusion flame subjected the non-stationary electric field Manifestations of spatial and spectral inhomogeneities observed in the low-frequency raman spectra of a weak aqueous solution of hydrogen peroxide and of water Applications of the superposed compensating holograms in holographic interferometry Spatial resolution investigation for images captured with Schiempflug adapter Improved spectral ratio pyrometer for the temperature in the gas flows measurements Determination of pressure of gas using rayleigh scattering by clusters Ejection of superheated liquid wall films into vacuum Liquid crystals and techniques for near-wall flows diagnostics Investigation of anisotropy of light scattering illumination in nonlinear crystal Comparative analysis of the smoothing algorithms of frequency overshoots in laser doppler anemometry Modulation frequency doppler shift of the laser radiation scattered by moving object Evaluation of the narrow-band random normal process center frequency in the presence of colored additive noise Features of multicolor particle image anemometery 3D-vizualization of caustics’ formation at structured radiation refraction in laser refractography problems Measurement of low velocity by particle shadow velocimetry Optical method of visualization and measurement of displacement of three-dimensional objects Laser fiber optic measurements of the higher order turbulent statical parameters Research of the laminar stream of air in the fine aerosol by PIV method Research of the polarization state of the laser diode to optimize the condition of their use laser doppler anemometry Calculation of the polarization characteristics of quantum optical stations for laser ranging The pecularities of contactless diagnostics of optical details Laser fiber optic diffractional sensor and its aplication for flow measurements Research of the polarization state of the laser diode to optimize the condition of their use laser doppler anemometry Refraction cylindrical laser beam in the diffusion layer stratified fluid Visualization laboratory- generated vortex by background oriented schlieren method Light fields modeling in the atmosphere consider broken cloudiness effects based on quasi-twostream approximation Simultaneous PIV and gradient heat flux measurement for fluid dynamic and heat transfer research of a circular cylinder in cross-flow