9. Applications of optical methods

A.I. Omelchenko, E.N.Sobol, E.M.Sherbakov
Institute on Laser and Information Technologies of Russian Academy of Sciences

Biomedical application of various techniques for visualization of laser effect on transparent biomaterials

Visualization study of hydrodynamic flow and thermoelastic stress-fields resulted in laser effect on transparent biomaterials and tissues are presented. Various shlieren- and shadowgraph schemes for visualization of thermomechanics effect of laser pulses on the visco-elastic biomaterials and biotissues were considered. Noncontact techniques for control of the general thermodynamic parameters of materials in zone of laser-tissue interaction have been designed. Photothermal and hydraulic effects on biological media irradiated by repetitive pulse laser radiation have been studied using spatial and time-resolved dynamics of the images video recorded. Biofunctional nanoparticles masstransfer in laser-stimulated diffusion in the transparent biomaterial are studied. Bioimaging and image processing problems are considered for vision control system designed to laser medicine.
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