11. Youth workshop. Modern methods of flows investigation - 2013.

A.S. Dmitriev, A.S. Romanov
Nation Research University «Moscow Power Engineering Institute»

Optical and infrared methods of studying view map Leidenfrost effect

Surface of power equipment almost always have contact with the droplets of different working fluids. The most important current challenge is to study the influence of the structure and scale of the surface, as well as fluids to the effects of wetting and spreading, as well as heat and mass transfer. In this paper we investigate the Leidenfrost effect - an important phenomenon, which often limits the heat flux from the highly superheated surface to liquid droplets. In the study of boiling drops on substrates coated with disordered carbon microspheres, it was found that on such surfaces Leidenfrost effect is completely suppressed. We investigated the dependence of the
evaporation of the droplets for various liquids at different temperatures, substrates, as well as to compare them with those dependencies when the Leidenfrost effect. The model of the Leidenfrost effect suppression, based on the mechanism of "collapse" under steam cushion drop by spreading vapor inside the mesoscopic structure of the substrate.
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