3. Particle image velocimetry

M.V. Alekseenko, A.V. Bilsky, V.M. Dulin, L.A. Kozinkin, D.M. Markovich, M.P. Tokarev
Novosibirsk State University, Novosibirsk, Institute of Thermophysics SB RAS

Ğ¢omographic PIV measurements in a volume of a jet flow

The paper reported on the application of a modern volumetric velocity measuring technique based on limited-view optical tomography and particle image velocimetry for analysis of a three-dimensional velocity distribution in turbulent jet flows. A series of experiments on a liquid circular jet flow and a swirling jet flow were conducted. Along with the three-dimensional measurements of the velocity characteristics peculiarity of the experiment was an increased depth measuring range up to 40 mm and an increased compared with the previous tomographic measurements of the authors camera resolution in 4 Mpx. Data processing was carried out by efficient hybrid GPU-CPU algorithms. In the same series of experiments Stereo PIV measurements were performed for validating tomographic measurements in the central plane of the jet. The comparison of the results obtained by Stereo PIV and Tomo PIV methods showed good agreement for the circular jet and a satisfactory agreement for the swirling jet. On the basis of quantitative criteria for the localization of vortex structures the analysis of the spatial structure of large-scale vortices in the turbulent flows was done.
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