6. Flow visualization

M.A. Bolshukhin, V.I. Fomichev, V.P. Krepkov, I.A. Znamenskaya
JSC «Afrikantov OKBM», Department of Physics, Lomonosov State University

Thermography analysis of turbulent pulsations in non-isothermal mixing flow

The paper Is devoted to the use of thermography for quantitative analysis of the frequency characteristics of temperature fluctuations at the wall of the water vessel, transparent to infrared radiation. Thermal imaging study was held of unsteady turbulent fluctuations of temperatures by mixing streams of water of different temperatures on the models. Kolmogorov spectra presence was showed (the law of -5 / 3) in the investigated non-isothermal flow in a channel T-junction connection. That allows us to characterize the investigated process as developed turbulent flow of water in the boundary layer adjacent to the window.
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