2. Particle image velocimetry

V.P. Kulesh, S.I. Inshakov, G.Ya. Maslennikov
Federal state unitary enterprise "the Central Aero-Hydrodynamics Institute named by professor N. Ye. Zhukovsky, Russia

Measurements of vortex trajectory near wing of model passenger airplane by means of lasers sheet and videogrammetry method

Work presents the results of using the videogrammetry method for finding the centers of the vortices, which are formed within the flow around model airplane in the wind tunnel. Was defined both the vortex path, which descends from the aircraft flap and vortex path, which is formed on the vortex generator, located on the pod. The visualization of vortex core was ensured by the method of laser knife. The natural dustiness of flow was the scattering particles in the first case, in the second case was used long thin thread shown that the videogrammetry method can be successfully used for determining the position of vortex filaments.
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