9. Applications of optical methods

A.V. Kraiski, N.N. Melnik
P.N.Lebedev Physical Institute RAS, Russia

Manifestations of spatial and spectral inhomogeneities observed in the low-frequency raman spectra of a weak aqueous solution of hydrogen peroxide and of water

In the report are presented the results оf investigation of intermolecular oscillation in water and weak aqueous solutions of hydrogen peroxide by Raman scattering. It is demonstrated the decomposition of the spectrum in this area into four components, that is described fully by nine parameters. The concentration dependencies of these parameters are demonstrated for solutions of hydrogen peroxide. The difference between the frequencies of IR absorption and Raman scattering of the same vibrations is discussed and as well as interdependence of their frequency and width. For the first time it is proposed to apply the model of free oscillations to explain these effects. With using this model it was demonstrated that the observed lines are inhomogeneously broadened. From the Raman spectra the frequencies of the IR absorption and the values of natural line widths of intermolecular oscillations were determined.
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