5. Laser-induced fluorescence

L.М. Chikishev, А.S. Lobasov, V.M. Dulin, V.V. Tsatiashvili, V.G. Avgustinovich, А.V. Bilsky, D.M. Markovich
Kutateladze Institute of Thermophysics, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia, Novosibirsk State University, Russia, JSC Aviadvigatel, Russia

PIV/PLIF measurements of mixing processes in turbulent flow organized by perspective GT-burner

In this work simultaneous velocity field and concentration field measurements at realistic flow-rates conditions were carried out in a cold flow premixed GT-burner. Acetone was seeded into the flow to provide quantitative fuel concentration measurements based on planar laser-induced fluorescence (PLIF). Velocity measurements were carried out using particle image velocimetry approach (PIV). Planar optical methods provide information required for CFD code verification and could not be obtained using pointwise techniques. Experimental data quality and processing algorithms provide turbulent transport characteristics.
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