9. Applications of optical methods

Y. Almohamed, R. Barille, A.I. Vodchits, Yu.P. Voinov, V.S. Gorelik, A.D. Kudryavtseva, V.A. Orlovich, N.V. Tcherniega
Moltech Anjou, Universite Angers/ CNRS UMR, France, B.I. Stepanov Institute of Physics of the Belarus NAS, Belarus, P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute of the RAS, Russia

Stimulated raman scattering in synthetic opal matrices infiltrated with raman-active media

Experimental investigations are described of the stimulated Raman scattering (SRS) characteristics in benzene and carbon disulphide placed into pores of globular photonic crystals – opal matrices, formed from densely packed globules of amorphous quartz (silica). Stimulated Raman scattering spectra have been excited by the second optical harmonic pulses (532 nm) of the YAG:Nd3+ laser. SRS spectra have been registered in the direction of mirror reflection from the globular photonic crystal growth surface (111) for different angles (10 – 70 degrees) of the laser light incidence. SRS threshold was found to decrease sharply (more than by the order of magnitude) at the definite angle of mirror reflection and additional Stokes and anti-Stokes components appear in the spectrum. Observed effect of the SRS threshold sharp decrease can be explained by the electromagnetic field spectral density increase near photonic crystal surface as a result of the photonic crystal stop-zone spectral position approach to the exciting light line (532 nm) with the change of the incidence angle of the exciting light to the surface (111).
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