7. Optical methods for determining the concentration and particle size

S.V. Polovchenko., P.V. Chartiy, V.G. Shemanin
Novorossiysk Polytechnic Institute, Kuban State Technological University, Russia

The reconstruction algorithm of the particles size distribution function by the results of the aerosol flows multi waves laser sensing

Throughout the authors studies of the aerosol flows sensing by the laser methods it has been resulted that these flows sensing at the laser radiation several wavelengths by the laser integrated methods allows to measure not only the particles concentration value, but also to estimate particles size distribution. Therefore this work purpose is the development of the reconstruction algorithm for the particles size distribution function by the measured values of the flow optical density at the several laser radiation wavelengths. It has been suggested the method of the inverse task solution of the laser sensing without of the integrated equations using that can be used for creation of the continuous control equipment for the aerosol particles size and concentration values in the real conditions of the industrial production. This method is based on the laser radiation weakening at a limited set of the probing laser radiation wavelengths. The aerosol flow parameters computer simulation has been fulfilled which showed that these aerosol can be described by some particles size distribution function depending on the limited number of parameters during the regular work of the enterprise dust cleaning equipment in a certain point of technological process. Tthe particles size distribution function was described by the logarithmic normal law after the last step of the dust cleaning equipment – the fiber filter. The installation realizing the possibility of the laser sensing on several wavelengths simultaneously by the spectral transparency and integrated light scattering methods was created for these aerosol flows optical parameters dependence studies. The complex refractive index of the studied particles substance has been determined. Thus, the logarithmic normal distribution parameters versus the average volume surface diameter values dependence received as a result of multi waves laser sensing has been appeared that allowed to develop and realize the reconstruction algorithm for the particles distribution function.
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