6. Computer methods for processing signals and images

I.A. Amelyushkin
Central aerohydrodynamic institute, Russia

Algorithms of image processing of laser sheet plane which is used in two phase flows investigation

A goal of a present work is to increase information value of nonintrusive liquid and gas flow investigation via laser sheet plane. In application to based on particles flow investigations methods a correction method was developed in order to take into account a difference between particles’ velocity and gas velocity. An original criterion of two-phase flow nonuniform velocity fields determination is proposed. Pressure, temperature and density fields’ determination algorithms via particles’ velocity fields’ processing are developed. Results of images processing were obtained. A panoramic method of particles size distribution of a polydisperse flow in a laser sheet plane is proposed. Original methods of data inverse problems (of flow parameters determination via optical measuring) were developed. Results of stability of a solution are given. Results of experimental two-phase flow investigations are given.
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