5. New optical flow diagnostics methods

S. I. Inshakov, E. D. Kudryavtseva
Federal state unitary enterprise "Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute named after professor N. E. Zhukovsky" FGUP TSAGI, Russia, Zhukovskiy, Moscow. region., Moscow power engineering Institute (technical University), Russia, Moscow

Emission spectrometry distributions of vibrational and rotational temperatures in a low temperature plasma

Describes the main spectrometric methods of analysis combustion propane-air mixture in the presence of nonequilibrium longitudinal electric discharge in supersonic air flow are considered. The description of the experimental setup are presented. The spectra of vibrational-rotational states of diatomic molecules dicarbon and cyanide are analyzed by three methods: graphic method, method of relative intensities (method of Ornstein) and with unresolved structure of the spectrum. Some conclusions about their practical applicability are reported.
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