5. New optical flow diagnostics methods

I.N. Pavlov, I.L. Raskovskaya, B.S. Rinkevichyus, A.V. Tolkachev
National Research University “MPEI”, Russia, Moscow

Comprehensive investigation of evaporation of liquid droplet from rough substrate by means of laser methods

The results of investigation of the parameters of a liquid droplet evaporating from rough substrate by means of several optical methods (refractive, interference, frustrated total internal reflection and surface plasmon resonance) are described in the paper. Description of calculation methods, principles of experimental methods and setups based on it and also results of experimental image processing are given. Dynamics of the variation of a contact angle and microstructure of surface relief of a droplet are visualized with help of refractive method by using laser sheet and wide collimated laser beam. The shape of a droplet surface and rate of evaporation are determined in case of interference method. And the processes in a thin boundary layer of droplet are investigated by means of frustrated total internal reflection method and surface plasmon resonance method.
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