5. New optical flow diagnostics methods

V.D. Kobtsev, S.A. Kostritsa, Yu.A. Kuritsyn, V.V. Liger, V.R. Mironenko
P.I. Baranov Central Institute of Aviation Motors, Russia, Moscow, A.M. Prokhorov General Physics Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia, Moscow, Spectroscopy Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia, Moscow, Troitsk

Characterization of the accuracy of laser absorption thermometer of gaseous flows at high temperatures using coherent anti-stokes raman scattering spectroscopy

The accuracy of quasi-homogeneously heated gas temperature measurements in the range of 1500-2100 K using the developed line-of-sight gas flow thermometer, based on diode laser absorption spectroscopy (DLAS) of H2O molecules, has been experimentally verified. As a test object, a laminar partially-premixed methane-air flame of a slot burner has been employed, which was providing high homogeneity of the temperature distribution along the slot. The average temperature values obtained using DLAS in the line-of-sight measurements along this direction in various parts of the flame are compared with the results of local temperature measurements along this line carried out using coherent anti-Stokes Raman spectroscopy (CARS). Absolute values and profiles of temperature determined using DLAS are in a reasonable agreement with the results of CARS-measurements, and the differences at temperatures of ∼ 1500-2100 K do not exceed 10%.
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