1. Plenary reports

A.E. Bondarev , V.A. Galaktionov
Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics, Russia

Construction and processing of numerical simulation results on the basis of parallel solutions for optimizing and parametric studies in cfd

The paper presents a combined approach intended for constructing and analyzing of multidimensional parametric solutions for time-dependent problems in the computational fluid dynamics. The approach can be used to model the processes of formation of space-time structures, as well as to search for the optimal combination of geometric or physical characteristics in the selected class of problems.The presented approach is based on solutions of the problems of parametric studies and optimization analysis using parallel computations. The results of the calculations are multidimensional data sets. To search for hidden interdependencies in arrays, multidimensional data analysis and visualization methods are used. All algorithms of the combined approach are organized in the form of a pipeline. Such type of organization allows one to consider the implemented approach as a prototype of a generalized numerical experiment. The examples of practical implementation of the approach for various classes of problems are given.
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