2. Laser anemometry

V.A. Grechikhin, V.P. Maslov, B.I. Mineev, B.S. Rinkevichius, A.V. Tolkachev
National research university "MPEI", Russia, Moscow, "CIAM ", Russia, Moscow.

Differential method of measurement of fast-variable deformations of solid bodies by laser set-up of the measurement of dynamic deformations.

Results of a research of an optical laser method of the measurement of parameters of fastvariable deformations are given. The method is based on an estimation of vibroshifts of the two optical tags that fixed on the surface of a tuning fork at small distance between them. Justification of need of use of the differential measurement scheme of relative vibroshifts of optical tags is carried out. The optical scheme of the laser set-up of the measurement of dynamic deformations on the basis of the two-channel laser Doppler anemometer is offered.
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