1. Plenary reports

I.A. Znameskaya, E.U. Koroteeva, V.V. Shishakov, O.N. Gradoboeva, A.M. Novinskaya
Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia, Moscow.

Thermographic visualization of heat flow in the facial area with the purpose of the analysis of the psychophysical condition of the person.

With the introduction of the person in stress changes the activity of the sweat glands, quickens the pulse, and accelerates the intensity and rhythm of the breath, which is reflected in the shortterm changes in the thermal field of the person. The use of thermography allows to register changes in the thermal field on the face and near its surface, caused by the activities of the Central and peripheral nervous system. By visualizing and quantifying heat flow in the face, possible remote analysis of emotional state, in the case of pre-analysis of the physiological characteristics of the individual in a calm state.
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