Youth workshop «Modern methods of flow investigation»

within Optical Methods of Flow Investigation conference

Theme and purpose
Currently, methods of laser diagnostics are more and more actively developed. They are widely used in all areas of science and technology. New methods more modern and accurate are appeared. Due to the active development of computer technology computer-aided methods for automating research and processing its results are began to developing. It is relevant to familiarize young scientists and specialists with the latest methods of laser diagnostics. The purpose of the scientific youth workshop is to attract young scientists to actively participate in scientific research conducted in the field of laser diagnostic methods. The workshop will be attended by leading scientists working in this and related areas. They will make presentations, as well as young scientists, graduate students, undergraduates and students of seniour courses.

Areas of work

  • Laser Doppler Anemometry
  • Interference and shadow methods
  • Particle Image Velocimetry
  • Digital image processing
  • Application of laser diagnostic methods

Youth workshop will be held June 28 - July 02 in Moscow, at MPEI within 16th International Conference «Optical Methods of Flow Investigation» (OMFI-2021). . Directions: from the metro station "Aviamotornaya", trams 24, 37, 43, 50, buses 730 and t24 to the stop "MEI" (1 stop from the subway) from the metro station "Baumanskaya", trams 37, 50 to the stop "MEI" from the metro station "Krasnye vorota", bus t24 to the stop "MEI".

Program and Organizing Committees Secretariat
For participation in the workshop, please contact:
111250, Russia, Moscow, Krasnokazarmennaya 17, 1st floor, Department of Physics nammed after V.A. Fabricant
Web site:

Proceedings of youth workshop
According to the results of the workshop manuscripts of particcipants will be included in Proceedings of the 16th International Conference «Optical Methods of Flow Investigation» (OMFI-2021). Registration for participation in workshop is carried out by sending abstracts of the manuscripts by web site form. Participation in the workshop is possible without presenting a report. Requirements for the manuscripts, information about registration fee and hotels will be available at conference web site OMFI-2021.