10. Applications of optical methods

V.P. Budak, Ya.A. Ilyushin, O.V. Shagalov
Moscow Power Engineering Institute (technical university), Russia, Moscow, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia, Moscow, Leninskie Gory, GSP-2

The influence of broken cloudiness on measurement accuracy of atmosphere optical parameters by optical remote sensing

The solution of the vectorial radiative transfer equation (VRTE) for the slab with cylindrical hole is analyzed in the article. The atmosphere is located from above and below slab. The solution is represented as the sum of anisotropic and regular parts. The anisotropic part contained all the singularity is found by the small angle modification of the spherical harmonics method. The boundary value problem for the regular part is solved by the finite elements method on the basis of spatial mesh in the shape of coaxial cylinders in the shape of coaxial cylinders in alignment the hole. VRTE is represented in the form of Paierls integral equation, which is discretized by the discrete ordinate method. The discrete values of radiance are saved in the mesh nodes with the spline approximation. VRTE is solved by the successive order of scattering. It is shown that the number of iteration in the most practical cases does not exceed 10.
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