3. Particle image velocimetry

A.Yu. Kravtsova, D.M. Markovich, K.S. Pervunin, M.V. Timoshevskiy
Institute of Thermophysics SB RAS, Russia, Novosibirsk State University, Russia

Application of PIV/LIF technique for study of turbulent structure of cavitating flows around 2D models

The work is devoted to application of PIV technique applied to fluorescent tracer particles for study of turbulent structure of unsteady cavitating flows around two-dimensional models, namely a parallel-sided plate with hemi-spherical nose and blunt stern (bluff body) and a NACA 0015 series hydrofoil. As a result, spatial distributions of instantaneous velocity and vorticity around the bodies were measured as well as those of the mean flow velocity and a full set of turbulent statistical moments including the third-order ones. Subsequently, a comparison between the fields of all those characteristics was performed for both the plate and the hydrofoil section. Besides, data on visualization of vapour cavities are presented in the paper, which allows to examine their spatial structure and dynamics qualitatively. In general, cloud cavitation onset is shown to change the whole flow pattern substantially.
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