2. Laser Doppler anemometry

Yu.B. Bazarov, V.K. Baranov, А.B. Georgievskaya, А.G. Golubinsky, G.B. Krasovsky, Е.Е. Meshkov, S.N. Stepushkin, A.Yu. Syundyukov, V.Yu. Khatunkin
Russian Federal Nuclear Center-All-Russian Scientific Research Institute Of Experimental Physics, Russia, Sarov Physical Technical Institute “MIFI”, Russia

Acceleration and decay model of water projectile

The destruction of the water model flying projectile in the form of a layer of water accelerated by the pressure of detonation products of a mixture of acetylene and oxygen to the speed of 100 m / sec was investigated experimentally. The registration of currents was carried by the PDV Technique (Photon Doppler Velocimetry).
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