2. Laser Doppler anemometry

Yu.B. Bazarov, V.K. Baranov, Yu.K. Barsukov, А.B. Georgievskay, А.G. Golubinsky, D.А. Irinichev, G.B. Krasovsky, Е.Е. Meshkov, О.V. Olkhov, S.N. Stepushkin, S.Yu. Sedov, A.Yu. Syundyukov, V.Yu. Khatunkin
Russian Federal Nuclear Center-All-Russian Scientific Research Institute Of Experimental Physics, Russia, Sarov Physical Technical Institute “MIFI”, Russia

On the possibilities of investigating the mechanisms of microparticles cloud formation by shock wave arrival on condensed matter free surface in laboratory envirement

The results of experiments on the formation mechanism of particulate clouds when the shock wave exit at the free surface layer of water due to the instability are described. The shock wave was produced by electrical explosion of wires were immersed in water. The registration of currents were carried by PDV Technique (Photon Doppler Velocimetry).
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