10. Applications of optical methods

V.S. Berdnikov, V.A. Grishkov, V.A. Markov
Kutateladze institute of thermophysics SB RAS, Russia, Novosibirsk

Experimental researches of thermocapillary and buoyancy – surface – tension driven waves

Development and extending of thermocapillary waves from impulsively heated line source which has been had on a free surface of a fluid is experimentally explored. Dependence of performances of waves on a standing of a heat source and heating regimes (power, frequency and duration of impulses) is studied. Experiments are executed on a fluid with a Prandtl number equal 16. Temperature dynamic fields on a fluid surface are measured by the infra-red imaging. Velocity fields are studied with use of a video shooting of the fluxions of the transparent fluid visualized by tracer- particles.
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