10. Applications of optical methods

Yu. V. Manoshkin
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (National Recearch University), Dolgoprudniy, Moscow Region

Sliding corona discharge with small discharge gaps

The results of investigations of stabilized corona discharge (SCD) in air with small (less than 2 mm) discharge gaps are presented. The stabilizations of SCD is made by using compound badconducting and metallic electrode. The other electrode from stainless steel needle with round tip’s diameter d = 80 µm was used. The discharge gaps were between 0,5-2 mm. Volt-ampere characteristics (VAC), electric wind (EW), optical space and time parameters of SCD were investigated. Microphotos of discharge had shown that positive SCD had filament form which produced maximum EW mo more than 6 m/s. Negative SCD had diffused form and produced EW approximately an order less than positive one.
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