7. Computer methods for processing signals and images

M. M. Kugeiko, S. A. Lisenko
Belarusian State University, Belarus

Regression approach to information analyses and interpretation of aerosol optical measurements data

The regression approach to planning diverse aerosol optical experiments and estimation accuracy of microphysical aerosol parameter’s retrieval, taking into account gear’s features and influence on interpretation accuracy the available a priory information, is proposed. On basis of this approach the self-descriptiveness of measurements of polarization spectronephelometr with regard to microphysical parameters of continental aerosol is estimated. The choice of the most informative spectral values of aerosol’s extinction coefficient is considered and regression equations between the last ones and concentrations of respiratory fractions of atmospheric aerosol PM2.5, PM10 are obtained. The obtained theoretical results are compared with optical- microstructure relation data of AERONET.
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