9. Optical methods in biomedicine and ecology

E.L. Barsky, Ya.V. Savanina, S.U. Koroleva, U.N. Korolev, E.S. Lobakova
M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University, Bioligical Faculty, Russia, Moscow

Spectral control the growing heterogeneity of space – time organization when you move in a steady state biosystems

The empirically demonstrates that the increased heterogeneity in your (improves system) is reflected in the difference of dihroičnyh relations. The data on the dynamics of heterogeneity in synchronous cultures of micro-organisms cultivation as an "instrument". For example, microorganisms possibility study differences dividing cells heterogeneous and synchronous crops when recording changes of biochemical component concentration gradient of native cells via analysis of intensity of absorption bands and dihroičnyh relations in the infrared range.
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