9. Optical methods in biomedicine and ecology

E.L. Barsky, Ya.V. Savanina, S.U. Koroleva, I.A. Fomina, U.N. Korolev, E.S. Lobakova
M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University, Bioligical Faculty, Russia, Moscow

Recording spectra in hemodialysis culture to control water pollution

Control of pollution of water bodies is one of the major challenges in the environment. To assess the ecological status of natural objects to the dialysis population organisms cultivation. It is known that the cell with the cultivation on some aspects of life corresponds to real-world environmental conditions. Extracellular metabolites, concentrated dialysis bag are associated with the capacity to Exchange metabolites with the exterior so that you can use it for bio-indication of pollution of the natural environment. This is not possible without the use of optical methods record changes spatial organization of macromolecules important biopolymers cell culture. A solution was found in a comparative study of culture techniques of spectroscopy in the infrared range. Test dynamic characteristics were differences in the object, which corresponded to changes in pollution in the aquatic environment.
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