7. Computer methods for processing signals and images

S.V. Polovchenko, V.V. Rogovsiy, P.V. Chartiy, V.G. Shemanin
Kuban State Technological University, Novorossiysk Polytechnic Institute, Russia

Aerosol particles distribution function invariants using for the laser sensing inverse tasks solving

The powder material quality was depend directly on their dispersion operative control at the production. It has been shown that the particles dimensions distribution function can be reconstructed by the particles sizes average values measured by the integral light scattering method.
The real industrial polydisperse powder material representative samples statistical analysis allowed to approximating particles sizes distribution function which parameters were related to the integral laser method measured average volume-surface diameter with the high correlation coefficient.
The good similarity of the reconstructed and real particles sizes distribution function showed the suggested approach to the laser sensing inverse tasks solving accuracy increasing suitability.
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