4. Laser and optical interferometry

V.S. Sobolev, А.M. Kharin, F.A. Zhuravel’
Institute of Automation and Electrometry, Russian Academy of Sciences, Siberian Branch, Russia

Metrological investigations of interferometric systems based on the phenomena optical feedback and frequency modulation of semiconductor laser

The results of metrological researches of the contactless measurements’ method using for range, nanodisplacemenst and vibrations and based on the phenomena of an optical feedback and frequency modulation in semi-conductor lasers are presented. It is shown that the frequency of received signal is linear with the range, the sensitivity is 8 kHz/mm, and the error at indication the results of 10 times per second is about 0,3% in the range of measurements of the order 0,5 meter. The method allows to evaluate nanodisplacements in the range of distances nearby 10 to 40 cm with resolution of 5 nm. Unlike Doppler vibrometer, reacting to the vibrovelocity, the investigated technique allows to estimate the magnitude of vibrodisplacement.
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