5. Shadow and refractometric methods

M.V. Yesin, I.L. Raskovskaya, B.S. Rinkevichyus, A.V. Tolkachev
Moscow Power Engineering Institute (technical university), Russia

3D laser refractography

New method of transparent gradient inhomogeneities visualization and diagnostic – 3D Laser Refractography – is presented. The method based on refraction of Structured Laser Radiation (SLR) in spatially inhomogeneity media; digital registration of refraction patterns; and computer processing of 2D images (in the case of passed laser radiation) or 3D images (in the case of scattered laser radiation). In the article the results of computer modeling of 3D laser refractograms for typical inhomogeneities are presented as well as experimental set-up for observations of 3D refractograms in scattered light. Method of 3D refractograms reconstruction by set of 2D experimental refraction patterns of SLR is also presented.
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