Proceedings of

Optical Methods of Flow Investigations - 2011

1. Plenary reports
Laser impact in the optical method development of liquid, gas and plasma flow investigation Recent developments in optical diagnostics sprays and combustion Application of modern optical techniques for diagnostics of spatial structure of turbulent flames
2. Laser Doppler anemometry
Multiparticle sckattering problem in laser doppler anemometry Measurements of mean gas flow velocity with a scan OFD The application of multipoint LDA to experimental study of the containment heat evacuation system Flow velocity measurement in backscatter with laser diode based LDA and selfmixing receiving technique Measurement of the cylinder form by laser dopler method On the possibilities of investigating the mechanisms of microparticles cloud formation by shock wave arrival on condensed matter free surface in laboratory envirement Acceleration and decay model of water projectile Tornado-like vortices structure and dynamic characteristics investigations with high precision laser doppler anemometer
3. Particle image velocimetry
Application of tomagraphic velocimetry for volumetric flow measurements Measuremnets of two-phase flow characteristics in a sparay of injector by PIV and IPI methods Application of PIV/LIF technique for study of turbulent structure of cavitating flows around 2D models Experimental study of air vortex structures generated over a heated horizontal metal surface Effect of distributed blow of the flow around the blunted body with a permeable inlet surface Experimental study of acoustic flowsin a focused ultrasound field Studying of the wave breaking influence on the momentum transfer between wind flow and surface roughness by visualisation methods A tip vortces spreading downstream the wing attached to the flat surface Effect of the gas phase on the energy properties of large-scale vortical structures in liquid-gas impinging jet
4. Laser and optical interferometry
CARS diagnostics of high-pressure high-temperature H2/O2 and CH4/O2 flames in a pulsed combustion chamber Wavefront precise analysis by means of nulling interferometer Express CARS thermometry of hydrocarbon combustion at high pressure Interferometer for simulteneous registration two interferograms with rectangular shift Elimination of variable aberrations in interferometer for dynamics visualization of thermal fields Metrological investigations of interferometric systems based on the phenomena optical feedback and frequency modulation of semiconductor laser
5. Shadow and refractometric methods
Inverse problems of refractometry for turbulent flows diagnostics Invrstigation of single internal waves in salt-stratifacated liquids 3D laser refractography Experimental setup for modeling of processes typical for generating units Thermal air jet parameters analysis by the laser refractography method Heating and cooling of a metal surface process research by the laser refractography method Application of background oriented schlieren method to the studies of flows of non-isothermal fluid Researches by the shadow and background oriented schlieren method of the flow with shock waves in the discharge chamber Волновые методы в задачах лазерной рефрактографии
6. Flow visualization
Hilbert–optic methods in experimental hydro– and gas dynamics Visualization of sand barrier destruction under shock wave action Investigation of glow discharge properties with single dust particles Experimenal investigation of free concentrated vortex structure Moving particles velocity evaluation by camcorder Image visualization of gas flow in cave of firing sound reduction device Shock gasdynamic unit and its use at gas flow visualization in firing sound reduction devices Technique for calibrating cameras for 3D visualization of deformation with image pattern correlation technique On possible imaging of microparticles in the optical range by diascopic projection method Stand speed change videoregistration throw fuel atomization Simulation the random laser in plasma of gas Energy properties of large-scale vortical structures in axisymmetric submerged impinging jet The flow visualization around the immovable and rotating cylinder and wing with the rotor-type leading-edge flap in subsonic wind tunnel Разрушение водяного снаряда в процессе свободного падения Исследование эффекта самовизуализации прозрачных объектов при фокусировке пространственно фазомодулированного лазерного излучения в слабопоглощающую среду
7. Computer methods for processing signals and images
Optimal processing of the laser doppler vibrometer signals Polychromatic hilbert-diagnostics of evolution of the ring whirlwinds arising at diffraction of front of pressure upon the aperture An algorithm for imaging the interference fringes in their rotation Aerosol particles distribution function invariants using for the laser sensing inverse tasks solving Correlation analysis of the digital flow images with super- resolution Determination of LFM-signal’s instantaneous frequency by phase-differential method of spectral analysis Study of elastic stresses in transparent materials by correlation method Distortion and chromatic characteristics of some cameras and removable lenses Particles distribution function reconstruction based on industrial aerosols multywaves laser sensing Comparison of two algorithms for evaluation of central frequency narrowband normal random process with gaussian spectrum Regression approach to information analyses and interpretation of aerosol optical measurements data Signal processing techniques review in lidar and laser doppler anemometer Phase metod for evaluation of doppler signal instantaneous frequency. discrete Hilbert transform and related errors
8. Optical methods for determining the concentration and particle size
The influence of liquids physical properties on drop size determination by laser interference method Segmentation of spherical particles aggregates by the images Measurement of fine-dispersed droplets lifetime in gas-liquid flows Dispersed phase dynamics in axisymmetric submerged impinging jet Determination of fuel sprays characteristics by laser fluorescence method Application of IPI technique to study spray flows Mechanico-optical effects in liquid crystals and techniques of its application for flows study Definition of density and concentration of water solutions of salts in the optical way (the example of lithium bromide)
9. Optical methods in biomedicine and ecology
The optical research methods of the sorbent influence on vegetative objects development The optical research methods of sorbates for aqueous medium purification of oil and inorganic compounds pollution (schungite example) Recording spectra in hemodialysis culture to control water pollution Optical methods for analysis of the interrelationships of ecosystem parameters with parameters of organisms Polarization characteristics of bioobjects and their correlation with biological effects when changing the characteristics of the habitats Spectral control the growing heterogeneity of space – time organization when you move in a steady state biosystems Regression methods of optoelektronic diagnostis of tissues fnd blood Study of flows in a drop on the surface Optical investigations of interactions of diamond nanoparticles with blood components at in vitro measurements Optical methods for study on effects of deuterium water on unicellualar green alga Optical methods of studying the relationship of changes in structure and functions of intact cells
10. Applications of optical methods
Application of frustrated total internal reflection for research droplet evaporation from the surface Research of burning processes by optical methods To the calculation of the characteristics of the thermocapillary filter Zernike Pyrometry using CCD cameras Boundary diffraction wave applied for determination of the inhomogeneteis size Sliding corona discharge with small discharge gaps Excited electronic states, structure, absorption, luminescence, and generation of ligth in the series multiatomic compounds in aggregation of the matter The physical principles of application spectroscopy of the nuclear magnetic resonance and luminescence for the studying of the structure and superthin electrone – nuclear interaction in the different complexes of molecules and with paramagnetic ions of lantanide Hilbert-diagnostics of the Rayleigh – Benard convection of the liquid with the free surface Complex research of Relay-Benar convection under different boundary conditions Experimetal and numerical simulation of buoyancy plums Thermal imaging studies of laminar - turbulent transition in the Rayleigh - Benarovsk convection Experimental researches of thermocapillary and buoyancy – surface – tension driven waves Optoacoustic method determination of the kinetical coefficients of supefluid helium The influence of broken cloudiness on measurement accuracy of atmosphere optical parameters by optical remote sensing Investigation and diagnosis of surface heat down air vehicle with thermovossion techniques
11. Optical methods for micro and nanoflows investigations
Background oriented shclieren visualization of liquid evaporation from a firm surface Stimulated low-frequency raman scattering in nanostructured materials – new source of biharmonic pumping Nonlinear optical effects in incommensurately crystal Holographic study of nanocluster fluxes using x-ray lasers Diagnostics of micro – droplet flows and ultra disperse particles formed from them Determination of particle size distribution of submicron aerosols by the spectral transperancy method Ultracold plasma: creation by lasers and investigation by optical method
12. Youth workshop. Modern methods of flows investigation - 2011.
Visualization and construction 3D-refraktion patterns in liquid volume Simulation of images of the Background Oriented Schlieren through a liquid membrane Nonsearching orthocorrelated algorithm for estimation of shifts of laser refractography images Diagnosis of vessels on mikroanemometry PIV Color coding of particle image velocimetry’s images in multipulsed mode Studying of the surface roughness properties by visualization methods within laboratory modeling of the atmospheric-ocean interaction Entrance quality assurance of the laser bunches used in dopler laser measuring systems Diagnostics of plasma flows in the stratified discharge by means of the dust particles Selecnion of pixel dimension using wavelet transform