Proceedings of

Optical Methods of Flow Investigations - 2009

1. Plenary reports
Dust-plasma structures under action of external forces: diagnostics methods and results of investigations
2. Laser Doppler anemometry
Laser doppler anemometry and turbulence Laser Doppler anemometer’s noise resulting from parasitic scattering The multi–particle scattering problem in Doppler global velocimetry Development and approval of spectral analysis phase-differential method when measuring frequency and damping of modeled and real-life LDA-signals Low–coherent LDA for measurement z components of speed of light–scattering objects Mefsurevent of a rotating rim movement stability Spectral domain processing of the LDA signals digitalized by pc based commercial high speed ADC Diagnostic of condition of polarization radiation of lasers diodes using in laser Dopplers measurement systems Optimization of conditions application of laser diodes as laser active interferometers in Doppler measuring systems
3. Particle image velocimetry
Stereo PIV diagnostics of flames vortex structure Measurements of helicity of turbulent fluxes by PIV Spatial liquid drops distribution in the airbrush spray PIV measurements of liquid drops mean speed in the airbrush spray Picosecond double-crystal laser with intracavity Raman oscillation for diagnostics of high-speed flows The stydy of blowing influence on heterogeneous flow modes by PIV Experimental investigation of vortex multiplets in lid-rotated cavity flow by 3D-PIV Investigation of tomo PIV reconstruction algorithm for velocity measurements effectiveness in different registration configurations A novel planar fluorescence bubble imaging technique (PFBI) Optical method of macroparticles charges estimation in dusty plasma induced by electron beam
4. Laser and optical interferometry
Realization of phase speckle-interferometry for registration of flow characteristics on the surfase of aerodynamic body Averaged Talbot image method for investigation of concetrstion fluctuations in turbulent flows Portable interferometer for investigation of optical heterogeneity and convection flows in volume medium Physical principle and applications of achromatic null interferometry Measuring the concentration of N2 isotropyby CARS technique Hydrogel holographic sensors for component detection in biological fluids Simultaneous determination of the sizes and velocity of single drops of water by interferometric laser method Interferometric study of convective and diffusive surfactant mass transfer near phase interface Time-resolved measurements of the local equivalence ratio during gaseous propane injection using laser-induced gratings Enhancement of measurement sensitivity in determination of lateral-shearing interferometry method for investigation of dynamic processes in transparent media CARS investigation of collisional broadening and shift of the hydrogen Q-branch transitions by water at high temperatures Holographic diagnostic of diffusion phenomenons in channels Laser interference method for spatial angle orientation measurements Magnification sensitivity of procedure phase contrast, moire contrast and polarization contrast
5. Shadow and refractometric methods
Laser refractography principles Shadowgraphy investigations of 2D flow with highcurrent surface discharge self-localization Evaluation of refraction effect by temperature inhomogeneties in liquids by means of optical design sotware Obtaining and processing schlieren images of gasdynamic processes by using automatic digital systems Background oriented schlieren method accuracy investigation in outdoor experiments The calculation of the refraction images in three-dimensional optical inhomogeneity with edge effectsx Laser refractography inverse problems The investigation results of flows structure from Non-arcing surface discharge
6. Flow visualization
Methods of surface flows visualization Research of gas jet injection into liquid by computer metod of videimages processing Visualization of structure of the flow at jet outflow into a narrow channel Еlectric wind in corona discharge with needle – ring as electrode’s system About smoking of transport ships Visualization of the laminar-turbulent transition in the supersonic boundary layer at initiation of the pulse s surface discharge Investigation of glow discharge properties with single dust particles Algorithms for bubbly flows investigation with planar laser induced fluorescence Hilbert–diagnostics of evolution of the vortical structures arising at diffraction of pressure front on an aperture
7. Computer methods for processing signals and images
Three-dimentional photonic crystals – new materials for nolinear optics The methods of Doppler frequency estimation for laser systems of flows investigation Application of the correlation method for determination of camera distortion and chromatic aberration IPI: interferometric method for particle sizing Abilities of natural background pattern usage in background oriented Schlieren method Procession of dispersive structures videoimages by irregular pyramids method Estimation error analysis of subpixel PIV-images processing algorithm Maximum likelihood estimations of Gaussian optical signal parameters with backgound noise accounting Realization and estimation errors of the waveletanalysis method of the laser Doppler vibrometer signal Information limits for the measurement errors of the optical field parameters On-line processing of background oriented schlieren Methods for reducing time of calculating 3D-refractogramm in environment MATHCAD’s
8. Optical methods for determining the concentration and particle size
Definition of parameters of the steam-air flow in electrization of bodies AOTF application for particles differentiation based on spectral imaging of chemical properties Joint system measurement for determination property spray with reference to low emission combustion chambers Nozzle-point distance dependence of mean drops diameter in the airbrush spray Definition of concentration of bromic lithium in the water solution on index of refraction Laser based pulse amplitude statistics particle analyser: application to particle sizing in two phase flow The using of the modification of lazer sheet method at research of dispersed water and fire interactions On the influence of electronically-excited oxygen molecules on hydrogen-oxygen combustion Optical diagnostics of dusty plasma structures formed by rod-like macroparticles The influence of the form of particles on polarization state of optical radiation The cement particles in air flow sizes spectra reconstruction by spectral transmittance at the some wavelengths studies Fuel spraying quality control stand based on the images of streams IPI measurements of high-density, rotary cup paint sprays: capabilities and limitations Application of the thermovision at test for firing air of a preheater
9. Optical methods in biomedicine and ecology
Search for extra-terrestrial microrganisms by means of ATR-spectroscopy Optimization of measurement procedure of AOTF-based spectrometers used for environment monitoring Mspectral registration «water balance» in cells as integrated ecological parameter Registration of culture of microorganisms as adeguate model of populations at the control of ecological systems Use of viruses for display of «reaction» of biological systems at the ecological control Mquantitayive methods at qualiti assurance of environment in ecological diagnostics Pulsed lidar with multiple time coherence, combining functions of aerosol and wind lidar The local polarization properties of laser corner cube reflectors and its correlation with the biological effects of distant interactions of loach embryo Laser diagnostics of soft and hard biotissues in dentistry Simulator of extended probe volume of atmosphere for calibration of pulsed wind lidars Use of optical methodology to control the biotic and chemical components in ecomonitoring of nature Structural and spatial organization of cells at different levels of metabolic activity The application of non-invasive spectroscopy methods for determining the efficacy of stress-protectors The cultural liquid as the environment of information interaction in "system" Application of the IR-laser for the analysis of ultraweak bioemission Modification of parameters of bioirradiation of lower vertebrate’s embryo by various mirror Use of biophotonic emission of human whole blood in diagnostic Aqueous bicarbonate solution as a model of biological liquids serving the sources of biophotonic radiation Effect of ultra-low doses of hydrated fullerenes and blood lysates on ultra-low photon emission of aqueous bicarbonate solutions Laser correlation spectronephelometry in biomedicine and ecology (theory, numerical experiment, system’s construction principles)
10. Applications of optical methods
Polymeric - liquid-crystal materials for optical diagnostics of temperature fields The application of background oriented schlieren method Low temperature radiometry in high-speed two-phase flows Inlet effects on the behaviour of solid particles at their gravitational sedimentation in smooth and dimple wall pipes Lens chromatic aberration application for displacement measurement and light spectra analysis Comprehensive experimental study of two-phase flow in a vertical round duct Tornado simulation: the questions of generation and visualization Optical diagnostics of dynamic structure of current of the liquid with the free surface in the mode thermal gravitational-capillary convection Experimental investigations of surface deformation with help of image pattern correlation technique Particularities of optical recording in studies of combustion of metal specimens in a hightemperature supersonic flow The optoacoustic method of determination of the Kapitza resistance Measuring surface distribution of narrowband radiation wavelength by colorimetric method Dynamics of turbulent buoyant jet in stratified fluid Studying of turbulent boundary layer wind flow structure on the water surface Anomalies of optical properties of nonlinear barium sodium niobate crystal Installation for visualization of the gas flow in sound suppressors of small arms Study of the gas flow in sound suppressors of small arms by the visualization method Thermocapillary Zernike filter Investigation of acоustic excitation of membrane in a gas stream Optical investigations of the smoke removal dynamics by tornado-like vortex Aerodynamics effects study in the course of physical investigations overlapping with balance testing in industrial wind tunnel T-128 TSAGI Diagnostics of high-speed distributions in electrodynamic disperse systems About possibility of measurement of temperature of moving objects with unknown radiating ability
11. Optical methods for micro and nanoflows investigations
Optical methods of microflows diagnostic Spectroscopic methods of diagnostics of plasma created by intensive laser radiation and nanoklasters flow interaction Measuring of nanodisplacement and nanovibration on the base of selfmixing interferometer with frequency modulation Absolute measurements of power affecting of a laser radiation on absorbing dielectric and metal microscopic objects in the presence of the radiometric and convective forces An oscillation actuation in fine stretched microsystems located in a gaseous atmosphere under radiometric forcing of a Gaussian field of laser radiation Predicted significance of intraoperative study in microcirculation myocardial blood flow by laser doppler flowmeter method in patients with aortic stenosis Festoon dynamics under evaporation thermocapillary instability of drop located on a other liquid surface Visualization of transparent objects and structures by phase contrast technique with photothermal Zernike cell
12. Youth workshop. Modern methods of flows investigation - 2009.
Research of metrological characteristics of the turbulence fibre-optical sensor Error investigation of parameteric laser beam measurements by light scattering Features of researches of small-scale flows by laser Doppler spectroscopy Besselian beam refraction in a transparent spherical heterogeneity Development of a measurement technique of gaseous fuel concentration fields by PIV technique Image pattern correlation technique images processing Optimization of installation for experiment on flow vizualization Modeling of interference method for surface deformation control A vector field displacement estimation algorithm of pictures of vizualisation flows Development operated led lamp with for given conditions of the visual perception Modeling of 3D refraction patterns