G.N. Okuneva, A.S. Klinkova, L.M. Bulatetskaya, D.A. Astapov, D.V. Shmatov, P.A. Czubakov
Novosibirsk State Research Institute of Circulation Pathology,
Automation and Electrometry Institute, SB of RAS

Predicted significance of intraoperative study in microcirculation myocardial blood flow by laser doppler flowmeter method in patients with aortic stenosis

It was analyzed the data of intraoperative study in microcirculation blood flow (MCBF) of the different heart chambers after aortic stenosis surgical correction by the Laser Doppler flowmeter method. It was found the ceiling amount of the early postoperative complications in the 3-rd group of the patients with most marked gradient MCBF on the heart chambers and low MCBF on the left ventricle and left atrium.
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