S.S. Vorontsov, V.A. Zabaykin, A.A. Smogolev
Institute of theoretical and applied mechaniks SB RAS

Particularities of optical recording in studies of combustion of metal specimens in a hightemperature supersonic flow

Questions concerned with optical diagnostics of heating processes, fusion, ignition and combustion of metal specimens in a high-temperature supersonic flow are considered. Techniques of recording of the maximum heating-up zones, ignition delays and combustion process of various metal specimens are developed. Dependencies of ignition delay times and the frontal burning rate on temperatures and diameter of specimens are defined. Good agreement of the quantitative data of burning rate is obtained at various ways of recording. It is shown that in the considered experimental design the recording of the process in various spectral ranges allows obtaining comprehensive and complementary information on the dynamics of processes of ignition and combustion.
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