V.L. Voeikov, Do Ming Ha, O.G. Muhitova, S.I. Malishenko, N.D. Vilenskaya
Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Biology

Aqueous bicarbonate solution as a model of biological liquids serving the sources of biophotonic radiation

Addition of weak H2O2 solutions to bicarbonate aqueous solution initiates red/ox reaction with participation of reactive oxygen species that can proceed in this reaction system for months. In the presence of luminescence amplifier (luminol) the process is accompanied with ultra-weak photon emission. No contact with air or and light is needed for this prolonged photon emission Circadian rhythms of photon emission intensity changes are observed. Very strong changes of photon emission coincided with the Moon eclipse. The role of aqueous milieu of bicarbonate solution in the continuous generation in these reaction systems of high density energy is considered.
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