Nicolai Bazulev, Olga Mеleeva, Sergei Rubnikovich
Heat and Mass Transfer Institute of National Academy of Science,
Belarus State Medical University

Laser diagnostics of soft and hard biotissues in dentistry

An advanced optical technique based on digital version of micro-PIV and speckle technologies has been applied for bio-tissues monitoring in vivo. In soft bio-tissues, like human skin, blood microcirculation in the smallest capillaries are examined by cross-correlation analysis of a sequence of speckle pattern images, generated in scattered light under illumination of the skin by probe laser radiation. In hard tissues, like denture, comprehensive stress monitoring is performed under the denture loading. It is shown that proposed digital laser speckle technologies are effective tools for bio-tissues monitoring in dentistry, providing 2D maps of sub-skin blood microcirculation in soft tissues and comprehensive stress distribution in hard tissues under loading in real-time operation mode in vivo.
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