J.B. Bazarov, J.K. Barsukov, G.B. Krasovsky, E.E. Meshkov, S.V. Tsykin
Russian Federal Nuclear Center-VNIIEF,
Sarov State Phisical Technical Institute

The using of the modification of lazer sheet method at research of dispersed water and fire interactions

Now the researches a flame suppression method by a cloud of dispersed water, arising at steam explosion of a thin-walled capsule with water [1-4], are conducted. In laboratory experiments for visualisation of suppression process, in the field of a flame and dispersed water interaction, the modification of a laser sheet method - the «laser needle» method is applied. The thin cylindrical laser beam by 1 Vt power laser, is used as a laser needle. Registration of the flow picture is carried out by a high-speed video camera. The results of experiments of a flame suppression by dispersed water cloud are presented.
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