A.V. Tavrov, K.M. Lapitskiy
Space Research Institute of RАS,
Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University)

Evaluation of refraction effect by temperature inhomogeneties in liquids by means of optical design sotware

Evaluation of light refraction effect in liquids with a temperature profile is similar to the light propagation evaluation through an optical media with the refraction gradient (GRIN). However the spatial profile of gradient refraction index is different from the conventional gradient optics and the profile can defined by a function on the coordinates or by the coordinates look-up-table. We tested several optical design software programs to understand the possibility to use them for liquid refraction calculation and to find an appropriate alternative to consider the refraction in liquids. In the present communication we compare several refraction inhomogeneity models from known experimens with computer calculations made by several methods for spherical inhomogeneity and cylindrical inhomogeneities.
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