A.V. Kraiski, V.A. Postnikov, T.T. Sultanov, A.V.Khamidulin
P.N.Lebedev Physical Institute of RAS,
Reseach Institute of Physico-chemical medicine

Hydrogel holographic sensors for component detection in biological fluids

Properties of two types of holographic sensors have been investigated. The matrix consists of three-dimensional polymer net based on the copolymers of acryl amide, acrylic acid and aminophenylboronic acid. The sensors based on the acrylic acid are sensitive to the acidity of the medium and to the presence of divalent metal ions. In the physiological range of glucose concentration, the sensor based on the aminophenylboronic acid allows one to distinguish confidently by the spectrum the concentrations of 1 – 10 mM in the acetate buffer рН=7,4 with good linear approximation in the concentration range 1-6 mM.
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